20 Aug 2017, 19:15

Welcome Hugo


After a recent hiatus I think it may prove useful to start writing again.

In the process I’ve decided to run this personal blog with Hugo, the static site generator written in Golang, which is exciting to a lot of people. For the time being this is because I never developed a curiosity around Jekyll; mostly due to its underlying Ruby-esque architecture and design (my apologies to Sinatra, the micro-framework that re-ignited web frameworks).

I decided against migrating my current writings, originally written in Jekyll, partly due to nostalgia and also for an accurate representation of what the web looked like in 2012. My early attempts at web content are forever lost with the shutdown of Geocities, I would not like the same to happen to my slightly more mature attempts. For now this content should be available at /jekyll-archive/ , gracefully hosted by GitHub Pages.

My technical focus is currently dedicated to achieving competence in algorithms and data structures. I’m familiar with basic data structures (arrays, linked lists, binary tree, etc.) and basic sorting algorithms (quick sort, binary sort, bubble sort, etc.) which is the stuff that would be relegated to a CS101 course. I would like to delve into divide and conquer, shortest path, tries, red-black trees, etc.

I’ve grown some complacency in understanding well enough of how something works, and professionally this serves me well. On a personal note I prefer to take these things apart and implement a toy version to better understand any tradeoffs being made. So in this new venture I plan on starting from data structures that I’m familiar with and work my way to the unfamiliar ones implementing everything in C. It may be overkill but at the end of the day a double linked list without pointers just isn’t the same.